Dreams Within a Dream

Every once in a while, I actually dream that I am dreaming. In my dream, I will wake up and remember the dream I just "had". Now that I've started illustrating my dreams, I sometimes actually start the process of remembering, writing down, and drawing the dreams - within the dream

For instance, this character is looking at a dream drawing that I made - of the dream that I was having at that moment. Talk about trippy - and confusing: 

A quick aside: last night, in my dream, I dreamed about a spider. A ladybug spider. He was very cartoonish, big bubbly eyes. Despite this, he was scary. Spiders always scare me, cute or not. And the worst thing that can happen, is when a spider decides to dangle: 

I'll write another post about all the spiders in my dreams - they've been showing up often and in strange ways.

Anyway, I dreamed that I woke up and tried to remember the dreams I just had. In one, I could actually read (although I couldn't remember the words when I woke up). I remembered the spider, and began drawing a funny looking machine/house on stilts. I went back to "sleep" (still dreaming), and all I saw was the glow of the inside of my eyelids. I tried to make myself go back into the dream again. Again, all this is *while* I'm dreaming. Very odd. 

Here is my dream from last night, as best I can remember it: 

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