I'm afraid of heights. I'm afraid of mayonnaise. And, yes, I'm afraid of spiders. 

The lamest thing about my arachnophobia is that I'm really, really scared of the sorts of spiders that won't hurt me. Namely, daddy-long-legs. The longer the leg in relation to the body, the more afraid I am. It's not logical, but there it is. 

As I mentioned in my last post, I have many dreams about spiders. This one from the other night was cute: 

...Until he wanted to dangle. When spiders dangle, that's the WORST: 

I don't like to read dream interpretation books, really (weird, right?), because I feel our dreams have their own meanings, as unique and the person dreaming them. Usually when I wake up, I trust my first interpretation of what things mean. I'm a little stumped, though, because sometimes my spiders take on some very odd, entertaining forms. 

The Classic Spider 

These are straight-forward. Daddy-Long-Legs. Usually dangling, or chasing me. Like these spiders, from this dream

In waking life, I read a headline (did NOT click on the link, for fear of seeing pictures) about a giant daddy-long-legs being discovered in South America. Following this, I had this dream, where the spiders were gigantic and oddly tall and skinny: 

And recently, I had a dream about a very different sort of spider. He was cute and terrifying all at once. Still trying to figure this one out: 

After posting this, I'm sure more spiders await. Yikes... 

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