That's a...what??...

Have you ever had a dream where you are in the middle of, say, a zoo, but you know that it's actually your house? Okay, maybe not a zoo. It could be a supermarket, an ice-skating rink, or perhaps it's a house. Wherever it is, it surely doesn't look anything like your home. Despite all appearances, though, this place feels very familiar. 

Things in dreams are often not what they are in real life. (That sentence sounds so lame, but I'm not sure how else to put it). 

Like, in one dream, I was shopping for brakes for my scooter. This is what they looked like: 

That thing that my brain made into a brake does in fact exist. It's one of those pencil holders that used to be popular when I was in school. Go figure. 

And in another dream involving lots of creepy military jets, I saw a drone: 

The keypad (?) was on the side and there was a single wing. Of course. 

One of my favorite dream-inventions was this desk that you could carry with you like a briefcase.
The only problem with the desk is that it was HUGE and had to be carried flat, like a pizza, or else it would get disorganized. I wonder if the desk represents my work life - pretty cool, I like it, but making sure that everything goes smoothly is sometimes a heavy burden. It's fun to think about the symbols in our dreams.

What are some weird objects you've seen in your dreams?

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