I live, quite literally, between two vastly different worlds - the city and the ocean. My favorite thing to do is to take a long walk and observe things closely: a tree bending in the ocean breeze, a bird perched on a rock, a person huddled at a bus stop on a foggy day. I come home and paint what I saw, or what I felt, during these walks. I also like to lift images and themes from my own nocturnal dreams. My preferred medium is watercolor and ink on paper, and I experiment with different textures, colors, and styles to keep things interesting. 

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"Nightbirds" Music Video

Working with videographer Glen Kinion, I illustrated this video for singer-songwriter Mike Rufo. 
"Emily & the Magical Library"

This children's book by Paul Rest contains 40+ full-page watercolor illustrations. This engaging book follows Emily as she discovers the secrets inside her father's magical library - and she's in for some surprises.