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House Dreams, Part 2 

As I've described before, I have a recurring dream about a house. The house has stayed pretty much the same for 15 years, although there have been variations. It's located in a strange, barren neighborhood with other similar homes. The house feels like a step back - I always sense that I lived there in the past, and in the dream I usually make the decision to move back. The house feels familiar and "safe", but also like giving up. 

After having the dream again, I decided to try and illustrate the…

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Interview with Yorokobu Magazine 


I was interviewed by Yorokobu Magazine, about my dream drawings and my music. I'm am very honored they contacted me and it's a gorgeous website. They release a printed publication once a month. It is in Spanish. Maybe I'll be famous in Spain! 

Here it is:

That's a...what??...  

Have you ever had a dream where you are in the middle of, say, a zoo, but you know that it's actually your house? Okay, maybe not a zoo. It could be a supermarket, an ice-skating rink, or perhaps it's a house. Wherever it is, it surely doesn't look anything like your home. Despite all appearances, though, this place feels very familiar. 

Things in dreams are often not what they are in real life. (That sentence sounds so lame, but I'm not sure how else to put it). 

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Animals in Dreams, Part I 

When an animal comes to you in a dream, what does it mean? Some people say they are spirit guides, some say they are symbols, some say an animal in a dream is, well, just an animal. 

I have many animals in my dreams. I think that this is, at least in part, due to the fact that I absolutely love animals and I think of them often. When I encounter an animal in a dream, I often wonder what he or she is trying to tell me. 

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Performance Anxiety 

All of us deal with performance anxiety at one time or another. Maybe you have to make a presentation at work, and your palms are sweaty just thinking about it. Or, you've got a test the next day and despite all the time you've spent studying, you're worried about whether you'll pass. You're up late, unable to sleep, worrying about how well you will perform, whether it be during a date, a job interview, or a meeting with family. And many of us, at one time or another, have anxiety dreams that reflect our…Read more


I'm afraid of heights. I'm afraid of mayonnaise. And, yes, I'm afraid of spiders. 

The lamest thing about my arachnophobia is that I'm really, really scared of the sorts of spiders that won't hurt me. Namely, daddy-long-legs. The longer the leg in relation to the body, the more afraid I am. It's not logical, but there it is. 

As I mentioned in my last post, I have many dreams about spiders. This one from the other night was cute: 

...Until he wanted to dangle. When spiders dangle, that's the WORST: 

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Dreams Within a Dream 

Every once in a while, I actually dream that I am dreaming. In my dream, I will wake up and remember the dream I just "had". Now that I've started illustrating my dreams, I sometimes actually start the process of remembering, writing down, and drawing the dreams - within the dream

For instance, this character is looking at a dream drawing that I made - of the dream that I was having at that moment. Talk about trippy - and confusing: 

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Illustrating Dreams: The Beginning 

About 9 years ago, when I first moved to San Francisco, I started having a recurring dream. I am in a house. The house is in the middle of a field, and it's an industrial area. People are coming in and out of the house, and the general feeling is one of being "stuck". Like the house is a place I left a long time ago, but, here I am again, and I don't want to be back. 

Over the years I have been in this house, in my dreams, many times. I was trying to describe the house to my husband, as the details were…Read more